Exporting data from windsor.ai

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Exporting data from windsor.ai

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There are three main ways to export data from windsor.ai:
1. The REST API documented here https://www.windsor.ai/api-documentation/
2. Direct database connection via eg. ODBC
3. From the dashboards

Here we describe method 3 directly from the dashboards.

1. Login to your windsor dashboard at https://charts.windsor.ai/
2. Go to your dashboards and explore the table you want to work with.
explore_chart.png (62.14 KiB) Viewed 9112 times
3. Select the metrics and data you want as you want it, create the transformations you want and copy the url.
select_metrics_export_data.png (113.94 KiB) Viewed 9109 times
The link can be used to get the data into any tool exactly as it looks in the table with the transformations and calculations you have added on the left.
The link for json can be easier to use in R, python and Tableau.
The link for csv can be easier to use in Excel, Google sheets and powerbi.

Here is an example of how to use it with curl.
The same url can be used in any other tool to get the relevant data displayed.

Code: Select all

curl -L https://charts.windsor.ai/r/1831?api_key=<apikey>

  "data": [
      "market": "FR",
      "category": "Floor Scrubbers",
      "productsku": "EX10050135",
      "SUM(itemrevenueeur)": 5875.0,
      "SUM(costeur)": 187.22,
      "SUM(clicks)": 650.0
      "market": "DE",
      "category": "Hand Dryers",
      "productsku": "EX10040150",
      "SUM(itemrevenueeur)": 4466.74,
      "SUM(costeur)": 21.94,
      "SUM(clicks)": 33.0
      "market": "DE",
      "category": "Massage Couches",
      "productsku": "EX10040042",
      "SUM(itemrevenueeur)": 4375.88,
      "SUM(costeur)": 21.47,
      "SUM(clicks)": 12.0

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