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How to rename conversion types in front-end

Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 2:56 pm
by niklaskolster
How to replace values in dashboard data using SQL

The dashboards allow users to update column definitions using custom SQL code to modify the results and even to create new columns based on existing ones:
  1. Open the Sources -> Tables menu
  2. Click the Edit button next next to the table to update, typically *_attributions_and_costs:
  3. From the Columns tab, select the column to edit:
  4. Use the Expression field to insert a SQL expression for the field, in this example

    Code: Select all

    CASE WHEN type = 'Net Revenue [ec]' THEN 'Net Revenue' WHEN type = 'ec' THEN 'GA revenue' END
  5. Click Save, the new column will be used in the dashboards. In case of errors in the SQL syntax it will be possible to modify the query.