How to link Google Campaign Manager (previously DoubleClick Campaign Manager) to

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How to link Google Campaign Manager (previously DoubleClick Campaign Manager) to

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In order for to be able to retrieve Google Campaign Manager data through an API integration a user role needs to be created.

A general overview of user roles from Google can be found here

  • Admin Access to Google Campaign Manager (DCM)
  1. Create User Role
    Log on to Google Campaign Manager and create a user role with the following rights

    User role name MTA User

    Account management: full access No
    Account management: read-only access Yes
    Ads: full access No
    Ads: read-only access Yes
    Advertiser groups: full access No
    Advertiser groups: read-only access Yes
    Advertiser management: full access No
    Advertiser management: modify access No
    Advertiser management: read-only access Yes
    Billing Information: Full access No
    Billing Information: Read-only access No
    Campaigns: full access No
    Content categories: full access Yes
    Creatives: full access No
    Creatives: read-only access Yes
    Floodlight: full access No
    Floodlight: read-only access Yes
    Path to conversion in Floodlight configuration: full access No
    Path to conversion in Floodlight configuration: read-only access Yes
    Placement costs: full access No
    Placement costs: read-only access Yes
    Placement strategies: full access No
    Placements: full access No
    Placements: read-only access Yes
    Remarketing lists: full access No
    Remarketing lists: read-only access Yes
    Sites: full access No
    Sites: read-only access to properties Yes
    Subaccounts: full access No
    Subaccounts: read-only access No
    Tags Yes
    User profiles: full access No
    User profiles: read-only access No
    User roles: full access No
    User roles: read-only access No

    DDM reporting UI access Yes
    Delete all generated files No
    Delete all saved reports No
    Edit Verification profiles No
    Enable Verification Yes
    Insert offline conversions No
    Modify all saved reports No
    Update offline conversions No
    View all generated files No
    View all saved reports No
    View audience report Yes
    View click-through conversions Yes
    View cost Yes
    View cross-device conversions Yes
    View cross-dimension reach report Yes
    View custom Floodlight variables data Yes
    View DoubleClick Search data Yes
    View Floodlight impressions and unattributed conversions Yes
    View path to conversion reports Yes
    View revenue data Yes
    View time lag to conversion report Yes
    View view-through conversions Yes

    All No
    Orders: can approve No
    Terms and conditions: full access No
  2. Create new user
    Create a new user with the email address and assign the role MTA User to this user
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