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How to submit affiliate, meta-search or other spending data to using the costs uploader, email or SFTP

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 8:14 pm
by niklaskolster
To understand the impact each channel has in terms of ROI, the costs of each contributing channel need to be clear. Many advanced advertisers have additional costs from affiliates, meta-search partners, direct display buys, TV spot plans, etc. This how to will explain how to add these what we call manual costs (as they cannot be submitted via API). The upload can happen in three ways:
  • Upload through the costs uploader feature in the Dashboard
  • Automated submissions through email
  • Upload via SFTP
The prerequisites for implementing the manual costs are:
  • account
  • Access to the costs
  • SFTP credentials (For SFTP upload only)
  • SFTP client such as FileZilla (For SFTP upload only)

Upload using costs uploader in the dashboard
  1. Click on Upload Costs in the dashboard
  2. Select the database you would like to upload the file into (only applies to agencies or clients with multiple databases)
  3. Format your data to match the naming conventions and structure as shown in the sample file or here
    Screenshot at May 16 23-07-05.png
    Screenshot at May 16 23-07-05.png (37.82 KiB) Viewed 8943 times
  4. Click Save

Automated submissions via email
From your data provider dashboard set up a report to [yourcustomername] in our example this would be in the format as defined here.Important: Make sure to deliver the file in the CSV format
Screenshot at May 16 23-09-59.png
Screenshot at May 16 23-09-59.png (37.89 KiB) Viewed 8943 times

Upload via SFTP
  1. Prepare a costs file as described in Automated submissions via email. A sample file can be found here.
  2. Connect to the SFTP server on port 22 using your username and password as provided by your account manager. And upload the file into the folder /put_files_here/.
  3. To check if the data was uploaded successfully navigate to the folder /upload_successful/ folder if the file is present there within 5 minutes of uploading it. Unsuccessfully uploaded files will be moved to the folder /upload_failed/.