How to pull any dimension into a table to join it with other data

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How to pull any dimension into a table to join it with other data

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1. Create database connection to ad platforms.
If the connection to the connectors have not been setup already it has to be created.
a. give the database a name with your username
b. as connection string put connectors:///?api_key=<api_key>&user_name=<username>
c. test that the connection works
d. check "Allow CREATE TABLE"
e. check ALLOW DML
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2. Go to SQL lab and create your query
You can query any dimension from the platforms you have connected.
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3. Set the table to be updated

This is done by adding:
-create table as
-and keep updated
That means it will create a table in your database and keep it updated with new data.


4. Analyze and join the data with other data.
If you for example want to join the data with the attributed revenue you can create an SQL view that joins the the with the table <clientname>_attributions_and_costs
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